We are a Conservative Independent Fundamental Mission minded Baptist Church, standing without apology on the King James Bible. We preach the Book, the Blood, and the Blessed hope! We pray that you will visit our worship services; we believe a Christian should leave church convicted, challenged, and changed.

   Our Lord Jesus Christ said He was the Rock upon which He would build His church. Therefore, we believe that theLord’s church is serious business and we believe that the local church is one of the most important institutions in theworld today. We worship with reverence, sing for His glory, pray in the Spirit, preach the Word and seek out the lostas part of our reasonable service to the Lord and King.

    Jesus Himself sat at meat with sinners and publicans. He was always willing to go out of His way to listen to thebroken-hearted, preach hope to the hopeless, teach the Way of heaven to the lost and light the true path of righteousness to those who thought they could do it themselves. This is the essence of the local church’s mission today. We truly plead for everyone to “come as you are” for this is the way Jesus took us in. But we also go out, as commanded by our Lord, to preach salvation to our community in the streets and from door-to-door.

    If you are searching for the truth, come, come as you are. Don’t worry about how you’re dressed and we won’t either.Come as you are, as Jesus said, when you get to know Him you will leave different! Don’t try to get cleaned up to come just come and let the Saviour clean you from the inside out. If you don’t know Jesus as your personal Saviour, if you don’t know where you will spend eternity, oh my friend, please come and see what the fuss is all about!

    If you are a born again, blood-bought child of God and you know it, come and join us in love and unity for to worshipour beautiful God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Come and be an example to all those who know you are a Christian. Orperhaps make it known if you haven’t already. If you are saved, come and act like it, dress like it and sing like it!

STILL meeting on Sundays and Wednesdays
STILL using the King James Bible
STILL singing from the hymnal